December 17, 2014

Geordi La Forge

Star Trek's Geordi La Forge

Well, it's our favorite engineer from Star Trek; The Next Generation, Geordi La Forge - or as he was known lovingly in my family, "the guy with the hairband on his face".

December 9, 2014

Jingle All The Way

"TurboMan" (from "Jingle All The Way")
This post is a good chance for me to do something in the Christmas spirit, and also take care of a requested character - TurboMan!

November 30, 2014

DC New 52 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn (modern "New 52" version)
Joker's gal Harley, in her more recent "roller skates look".

Below, I've also posted a couple of great images from Craig Wood for all you Joe Flacco or Avengers fans;

November 21, 2014

Danny Pink + 12th Doctor casual!

Doctor Who's "Danny Pink" plus 12th Doctor in casual outfit

It was time to draw Doctor Who's Danny Pink, and I also figured I'd throw in a 12th Doctor in his more casual attire we've see him in a few times...

November 14, 2014

True North Strong and Free!

Captain Canuck


If you will permit me a little patriotism, here's an older obscure comic character that hails from here in the "great white north", Captain Canuck!

And check out this great Bilbo Baggins done by Alvaro, nice!! If you like it too, drop a note in the comments below and let Alvaro know!

November 7, 2014

Doctor Who's "Missy"

Doctor Who's mysterious "Missy"

...Well, we've had the big reveal, Missy is the Mistress is the MASTER! This time the Master comes looking like a twisted maniacal Mary Poppins, but the good Doctor will have to deal with her all the same. Should be interesting, no?

October 30, 2014

Pokemon Wallpaper

Well, it's just what it sounds like... Pokemon wallpaper!